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About the Author

Spencer Chambers grew up learning about the real estate business. His parents operated several construction companies, and he helped them gain interested buyers when the market collapsed, even though he was just seventeen years old.

Spencer received his first official real estate license as an employee of Royale Vacation Rentals, a startup real estate company. Under the leadership of Gabe Franco, the owner of Royale, Spencer continued to learn about real estate sales and investments.

After a brief but successful stint in the fashion industry, starting his own men’s underwear line, Jewls for your Junk, Spencer moved back into real estate, working for a real estate owner in Newport Beach. In only 18 months, Spencer helped the company’s residential-income portfolio grow from $60 million to over $100 million.

After that, Spencer started his own real estate brokerage and modernized an analog construction company to leverage technology. He is the founder and CEO of The Chambers Organization, which has three divisions: construction management, property sales brokerage, and a financial education program. His book, ​Dating Your Investments, can be purchased on Amazon​. Spencer is uniquely qualified to speak, consult, write, and educate about real estate and investment, given his extensive, lifelong experience in the field. 

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Chambers Construction Management is the original innovator of automated digital project management platform. By converging technology and virtual communications our user- friendly interfaces we are able to manage, we save and we streamline.

By digitizing and creating streamlined systems and procedures the old ways (analog) of using paper, written schedules, budgets, and video job cams have transformed the project management process into the digital age.

And with robust real-time tracking, video feeds and reporting capabilities, Chambers Construction Management provides the ultimate in efficiency and transparency.

Construction Companies all over the nation come to us to streamline to their office operations and project management. From tracking expenses, organization-wide messaging communications including RFI management in multiple locations nationwide, tracking their progress and achieving compliance with confidence. The list goes on and on. 

The Chambers Organization

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